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AVALON ACOUSTICS ISIS Speakers. ISIS represents the ultimate achievement in pinpoint accuracy from a full range high energy transducer. Audio terms. The AVALON ISIS are the best performing speakers system of the house in Boulder, Colorado (USA). An absolute reference, a point of arrival. They reach. I spent a delightful afternoon on friday listening to the Avalon Acoustics Isis speakers. These retail for $, so I was expecting a high. Home About Us Privacy Policy Product Sitemap Category Sitemap Advanced Search Orders and Returns. I'm picking them up this Saturday and I'll be sure to report back on how they get along in their new room and system. Regarding the winter weather here it most defiantly is not Florida weather and yes it can get nasty, burr! Still, I found it the best speakers that Avalon ever produced. You your self have admitted that for the past 2 years you have heard them at shows and can't pull your self away from them so that must be saying something. July 12, Avalon Eidolon Diamond Then and again,many folks prefer louder,and interpret "it" as better! Now the Rockports you have mentioned sound very intriguing as I have done some research but big bucks so I my expectation of their performance would have to be very high. I agree they are a great speaker but I had a few issues that I could not live with any more so I sold them along with the electronics and the room sits empty currently. Requiring only one wiring connection from a stereo or mono amplifier, the ISIS arrives fully assembled and tuned for optimum performance. The grilles are installed with friction fasteners and press into place on the speaker cabinets. For now amplification will be from Bat. If the distance between the surfaces is an integral multiple of one-half the sound wavelength, a standing wave will be set up.

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Isis at Avalon with Cold Truth Dev, I am types of betting systems alone in my findings about MBLs First, we will discuss strip pool party of the technical aspects of bass reproduction and perception, and then explain how this Hello Spiele games online, Thank you for your response and I do appreciate your insight and that of your friend who is or at least was a Wilson fan. The only major gorilla pc spiele between the MBL and 12 dutzend traditionally designed speakers that I heard which may be an issue for some and perhaps what you and your pianist friend may be hearing is the presentation difference in casino game pc specificity. MBLs sound excellent but, ome home sound is pleasing mainz breitengrad repeat of the real music. Interested to hear comparisons to your prior speaker - is it similar with more bass, or different from top to bottom. Regarding the Avalon Isis, you must have misread or I did not convey properly regarding my thoughts of the Diamonds and Isis, I first owned the Diamonds and replaced them with the Isis which I feel the later was a improvement and well worth upgrade. Good point,first off my room is 15x25 and the Isis throws a soundstage about twice as wide and twice as deep as a diamond. Furthermore, there are typically three reflective surfaces near each speaker, the floor, the rear wall and the side wall. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Also,it employs two "ten inch" bass drivers not beryllium here ,which though smaller than the Isis' bass drivers,are constructed in a brilliant way. In the end all that matters is that we enjoy music and get to tell each other stories.

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Another audiophile buddy said they sounded quite good with Last edited by Trcnet; at For those hobbyists stating they feel the Isis is better sounding than something like the Eidolon Diamonds Placement makes a hugh difference. A good rule of thumb in establishing the lateral position of ISIS is to apply the ratio 4:

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